November Delay Could Doom Notion Ink Adam Tablet

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As the tablet market gets even more crowded and competitive (read: Did you see Computex this year?), any delay could effectively end a company's chance at making that all-important first impression. Notion Ink Adam was just delayed until November. Updated.

It's really too bad. The Notion Ink Adam looked impressive in demos and hands-on experiences, the specs weren't too shabby, nor was the Pixel Qi reflexive screen. The back-mounted trackpad was a cool touch as well, rounding out what could have easily been a strong contender in the segment.


Unfortunately, fate's a fickle thing, and a number of outside issues, including Tegra 2 hardware issues, Flash compatibility snafus, and "shareholder meddling" have derailed the planned July launch, reports CrunchGear this weekend.

Worse still, a November launch means the Notion Ink Adam will arrive alongside all these other tablets, the iPhone 4G (presumably already out and going strong) and Chrome OS. Oops. Again, fate, man. So fickle.

Update: New information at Slashgear would seem to indicate the delay is only for "select countries." Specifics on what that meant were dubiously not given, although the picture may not be as dire for the tablet as it was earlier this morning. [Best Tablet Review via CrunchGear]


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It just seems like a complicated product to me. Multiple screens, back trackpad, camera you have to manually swivel. The beauty of the iPad (and some would say it's fault) is how simple it is. Both in design and how its used. Anyone from a 3 year old to a 70 year old pick it up and just use it.

All these other tablets just don't get that. The form factor and they way one physically interacts with it must be simple along with a simple OS. I think that is where the tablet niche is. Simplicity.