Those of us lusting after certain Android tablets—like the promising Notion Ink Adam—may have to wait longer than expected. According to a SlashGear tipster, they'll be delayed until fall due to "serious issues" with Nvidia's Tegra 250 chipset.


The tablets affected include the Adam, the ICD Ultra and Vega, and a 7-inch Compal tablet. Most were previously expected to launch late summer, but have now been pushed back by as much as two months.

According to the report, the delays center around stability issues in the next-generation Tegra. It's a broad range of concerns: a combination of hardware and software technical problems, coupled with no finished version of Flash 10.1 for Android. It's a shame, if true, because we've been nothing but impressed so far with Tegra's potential. And the sooner we get more tablets in the marketplace, the sooner consumers have the kind of choices they deserve. [SlashGear]


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