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November Mac Chick of the Month

Illustration for article titled November Mac Chick of the Month

Is it already time for a new Mac Chick of the Month? Macenstein's latest Mac fangirl for November is Jesse Coleman, and she's also an iPod chick of the month, too. Her fave playa is an iPod shuffle, but she still professes love for her Mac as well, citing moviemaking as a huge hobby of hers. Making movies? That's not easy, so this babe must know her way around that white MacBook she's fondling. Sounds good enough for us, proving herself worthy of a gawk or two, with plenty more pics at Macenstein and Jesse's site. [Jesse Coleman, via Macenstein. Photos by Adam Raia Photography]


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Glad I don't have Giz on my RSS feed. You lose points for getting your Macs wrong. You can even see the screws in the bezel of the display. I guess you weren't actually looking at the laptop. :p