Another week done, another bunch of gadgets to ogle. Today's big news was the iPad Air, but that's not the only gizmo game in town. Here's what you can get your grubby, sticky-from-Halloween-candy hands on.

iPad Air


It might not look a whole hell of a lot different from last year's iPad, but the Air feels vastly improved. It's lighter, slimmer, and faster — the hat trick of tablet improvements. Apple pretty much defined the tablet experience with the original iPad, and if you're sold on a full-size rather than a mini, this probably feels the way your hand thinks a tablet should. [Starts at $500]

Nest Protect


This "internet of things" concept usually sounds kind of hokey, but the Nest Protect has some serious safety and convenience features made possible by our connected world. Unlike regular smoke detectors with one setting (BLAST), this smoke/carbon monoxide/heat/light/motion detector has nuance. It starts with a gentle voice warning when a problem is detected, progressing to a more urgent alarm if the issue persists, and alerts your phone to the type of emergency. In conjunction with a Nest thermostat, the detector will shut off your furnace if carbon monoxide is detected, and when all is well it doubles as a night light when the motion detector sees you. Best of all? False alarms can be dismissed with a simple wave. Thanks, internet! [$130]

Lenovo Yoga Tablet


We love oddball Android tablets, and this certainly fits the bill. With a shape that strangely resembles an iMac keyboard but feels oddly comfortable in hand, nobody's gonna mistake this for an iPad. The specs are middle-of-the-road: quad-core 1.2GHz processors, 1GB of RAM, serviceable-but-not-fantastic 1280x800 displays, 16GB of onboard memory. But the daring design makes it at least worth picking it up. Think outside the glowing rectangle. [Starts at $250]