Now Everyone Can Contribute to Google Street View

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Google's Street View is slowly covering more and more of the world's surface, but it still has holes. Now though, you can help fill them—and all you need is an Android phone or DSLR.


Google has just launched a new Street View feature which allows any user to recreate the usual Street View experience by stringing together photo spheres along paths which they define. No need to use a car or Trekker backpack, though, as Google explains:

To get started, just create photo spheres using your Android phone or a DSLR and then share them onViews. Next, select the photo spheres from your profile and use our new tool to connect them together (as seen in the example above). Once your photo spheres are connected and published, people can navigate between them on Google Maps, just like they can in Street View.

What's neat is that this technique can be used to supplement normal Street View data: views in different weather conditions, say, or during major cultural events likes festivals or carnivals. Voila, you're contributing to a growing pool of captured reality, available online for others to look at and learn from. [Google]


Will they publish only predefined routes or can you create your own? Say a trail path or underground tunnels?