Now Microsoft Is Making a Set-Top TV Box?

Not content to sit back while Apple, Google, Roku, Boxee wade the murky waters of internet television, Microsoft will show off a Windows-based connected TV box at CES this year, according to the Seattle Times.

Brier Dudley says the boxes will come in under the $200 price point and will run a stripped-down version of Windows, centered around the Media Center interface. Like Google TV, these new boxes will attempt to integrate standard television with online content under a single UI. If true, chances are we'll hear something about them on Wednesday night, when Microsoft kicks off CES with the opening Keynote. And what does this mean for Xbox as Microsoft's current [Seattle TImes via Business Insider]


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I was really hoping that Microsoft would launch a non-gaming app store for the Xbox 360 to make use of that rumored Silverlight SDK they're making for it. Then they'd have a $200 set-top box with an app store and Media Center that people would actually want to buy.

I guess they're going to launch and retire a failed-before-its-announced new product instead.