Now This is How the iPhone Should Handle Multitasking

I really hope someone at Apple sees these concept interfaces from Ocean Observations. They've taken the best elements of the Pre's card system, combined them with Cover Flow, and created an awesome vision of multitasking on the iPhone.


The designers also have an idea for managing the mess of home screens that comes along with app hoarding. Tapping the home button would bring up a paneled Exposé page. From there, you could easily jump to a specific page, rather than swiping a hundred times to find Peggle.

Hopefully someone at Apple is keeping up with this page to see what else these guys come up with. [MobileCrunch]


Jeff Kibuule

iPhone apps right now are designed to use as much RAM as the device can handle. Unless Apple starts imposing strict RAM requirements per app so that you don't run out of memory, then multi-tasking will only be something we can dream of.

Maybe when the iPhone gets 512MB RAM...