Now We Know The Second Most Important Star Wars Release Date Of 2015

Yeah yeah, December 18th 2015, some movie is coming out. But what about the toys? They're almost as important to Star Wars as actual movies! But good news, toy fans - a new rumour suggests that we might be playing with the stars of The Force Awakens well ahead of the film's release date.

The team over at Jedi News has received word from a source on a variety of Star Wars toys being released this year, starting off with a new set of commemorative figure packs for each of the first six movies, which they believe will tie in with the digital releases of the films later this year. The digital releases have long been rumoured as part of Disney's plans to revamp their digital portals but whether these digital releases will be the original cuts of first trilogy that fans have been hoping for are one and the same is unknown - I would imagine not, honestly, but anyway, toys!


You can see why Jedi News' source believe these are to tie in with these releases - they look very similar to the Commemorative figure sets put out to celebrate the blu-ray release of the saga in 2011 - but don't get too excited. There's no new figures in any of these sets, as they're all re-releases of toys from the 'Saga Legends' line, which means they're the cheap-ass figures with only 5 points of Articulation. BOO! Seriously, sure they're cheap, but these are crappy action figures. And not only that, not a single female character in one of these? No Leia, no Padmé, not even a female Jedi or something? Double boo!

Anyway, on to the big stuff - The Force Awakens merchandise. Recent leaks revealed the toy lines Hasbro are soliciting for Episode VII with everything from figures to remote control toys, but Jedi News's source states that merchandise, including 7 new Lego sets based on the movie, will start rolling out on September 4th, over three months ahead of the movie's release. Which seems kind of insane, but then again - it's freaking Star Wars, people will easily flip their shit well in advance anyway. Plus, it means the toys are out well in time for the Holiday shopping season so parents can fill their kid's stockings with Kylo Rens and Finns to their heart's content.


Speaking of flipping shit though, can it just be September right now? I need to spend an honestly rather ludicrous amount of my wage on an army of new Stormtrooper figures. Those helmets, guys. I need them.

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