Now You Can Finally Jailbreak Your iPad 2

Well that took forever. With no word yet from the iPhone Dev Team or Comex, a jailbreak has just been let loose for iPad 2 owners running iOS 4.3.0. You should, as always, tread with caution, but happy jailbreaking! [Engadget]




What is with all the non sense about bricking? You can always enter DFU mode and restore your iPad to the original state. Stop scarying people with these lies. My iPad 2 is jail broken as I type this. Worked perfectly (so far). Don't even know what all the fuss was about. The worse that can happen is you lose an hour or so restoring your iPad 2. But so far, read on many forums this either works or it won't (from people trying on their 3G and/or firmware above 4.3.0. It has not brick or destroyed or killed anyone yet.

If you just look at the video, this only works on wifi models running 4.3.0.