Now You Can Get Totally Free Voice, Texts, and Data on Your iPhone

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FreedomPop's crazy free voice, text, and data plan is awesome, but it's just been limited to Android handsets. Now, it's added iPhone support to its lineup.

Now, you can use an iPhone and still get FreedomPop's typically great offering: 200 voice minutes, 500 messages and 500MB of data per month, all for free. If you

need unlimited calls and texting, it costs the equivalent of $5 per month. It's worth noting that you get free LTE phone data, too.


What's the catch? Perhaps unsurprisingly, device selection. FreedomPop can offer you a refurbished iPhone 5 for $350, or you can bring across a Sprint-ready iPhone 4, 4S or 5 that you already own. Not for early adopters, then—but amazing value if you don't need the latest iPhone. [FreedomPop via Recode]