Now You Can Get Your Alien Toy Nostalgia Gold-Plated

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This might just be the ultimate faux-nostalgia grab ever. Gentle Giant Have Jumbo-sized Funko's retro Kenner-style Alien action figure based on the scrapped toy from the movie's release - and then gold plated it to celebrate the movie's 35th Anniversary. Fancy!


First released earlier this year, Gentle Giant's plus-sized take on the old-school Alien toy (originally planed for release back in 1979, but only came about when Funko got access to the original moulds and released a wave of toys based on it) has already had a rad glow in the dark version released at SDCC - now it's the time for traditional anniversary based gaudiness. The 24 inch figure will come in not just Gold plating as you can see above, but Silver too:

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I quite like that they kept the clear dome even underneath all the shininess. It looks kind of neat!

Alas, these figures will be ridiculously hard to come by when they come out next year - Gentle Giant have only made 79 of each plating as a limited run to honor Alien's theatrical début in 1979, and they'll also set you back $500 each. There's something to be said about retro-styled action figures commanding insanely high prices here, I think.

If you're interested in a gigantic, blinged up Alien of your own, they'll be out in early 2015.

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Kenner really let their imaginations fly with their Aliens line of toys. Who the hell is O'Malley (other than an alley cat, natch)? What in the name of Satan's balls are Hudson and Vasquez wearing? Bishop with a minigun? In the movies he wouldn't even accept a pistol!

So, so many questions...