Now You Can Stream Your Disney Movies to Amazon, Roku, Xbox, and Windows

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With Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and a little dirge known as “Let It Go,” Disney controls your children. There’s no use resisting anymore. But at least you don’t have to worry about entertaining them, now that Disney can stream those movies to practically any device under the sun.

That’s right: Disney Movies Anywhere—the service that lets you watch any of your purchased Disney movies online from a single app—is now expanding in a big way. Previously only available on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Vudu, and (more recently) Android devices, it’s now linked up with Roku, Amazon Video, Android TV, and Microsoft devices too.

All those Roku devices. All those Kindle Fires and Fire TVs. All those Xboxes (Xbox One as of today, and Xbox 360 coming soon), and any Windows 10 computer: They’ll all be able to seamlessly access any Disney movie purchased from any of these different services.


Considering the hoops you have to jump through to watch something like Game of Thrones legally, I have to say it’s pretty amazing to spend just a few minutes linking my Microsoft and Disney accounts, and then seeing a free copy of Monsters, Inc. pop right up in Windows 10’s built-in Movies & TV app, ready for streaming right away. And it’s incredible to know how easily I could buy another movie on Amazon—one click, because it already has my credit card info!—then sign in with my Microsoft account on a friend’s computer and have it waiting for me there.

This kind of easy, seamless access to content is what cloud services should be all about. Next time, here’s hoping it doesn’t require a massive conglomerate to buy everything before common sense can prevail.

And that Disney expands the service outside the United States. That’d be good, too.

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I was hoping that this meant if I had purchased Disney content, for example, a DVD copy of the SQ trilogy, I could scan it somehow and then be able to watch it wherever. That seems to not be the case, and Disney wants me to buy what would be my 4th copy of the trilogy (Beta, VHS, DVD). THANKS OBAMA!