NTT DoCoMo Snap-Apart Phone Belongs in Museum of WTF

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Charlie at Wired's Gadget Lab finds NTT DoCoMo's two-piece magnetic phone entertaining, but to me, the reasons it's supposed to be useful range from frivolous to baffling to just plain dumb.

The phone, composed of screen half and number-pad half, can be joined along either edge. But DoCoMo calls this phone "separable," able to be broken apart while staying in contact via Bluetooth, for such activities as:

• Surfing the internet on the screen half while talking on the keypad half

• Watching movies on the screen half while using the keypad as a remote

• Strapping the screen to your wrist as an MP3 player, while leaving the keypad in your pocket or bag


• Sticking the vibrating part down the pants of you or a loved one while... Okay, I admit, I'm making this last one up, but you see how the whole separation thing gets absurd in a hurry, and that's coming from a guy who thought the phone that has its own detachable Bluetooth earpiece was one of the best products of 2008. Nice find, Charlie. [Wired]

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Hello Mister Walrus

The only way that this would be remotely useful is if you had many phones that combined into a giant robot.