NuVJ: Numark's DJ/VJ Controller + Software

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Switching from vinyl to digital? How about leaving sound behind entirely?


The Numark NuVJ hardware/software bundle packs a DJ-style MIDI controller and VJ software (ArKaos, for Mac and Windows) into a single $300 package. Electronic musicians may want to take note as well as visualists, because this could fill a void as a usable, affordable Mac/Windows-compatible DJ controller, too. If you want to get into mixing visuals, the ArKaos software supports graphics card acceleration for playback and effects, and broad plug-in support and camera input.

The software is friendly enough, and there are clips and effects included to get you started, though of course the best way to generate eye candy is to hire some go-go dancers and get your DV camera ready. Ready to re-enact the movie Blowup for the digital age?

Numark's NuVJ, US$300 DJ-Style MIDI Controller + VJ Software [Create Digital Motion]

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