Nvidia GeForce 200M Graphics Cards Just Made Your Notebook Old and Busted

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A year after Nvidia's monstrous GeForce 200 series graphics cards first stomped onto the scene (literally the biggest GPUs ever), Nvidia's finished making them mobile, delivering double the performance of current 9M series using half the power.

The first GeForce 200M notebook cards—the GTX 280M and 260M—were for crazy gaming rigs, and were actually based on the previous-gen G92 architecture. (Nvidia did pulled some confusing re-branding jujitsu a few months back.) The new 200M cards are based on the "current high-end desktop architecture" (so, actually the G200 architecture) and round out the 200M series, replacing the current 9M series across the board: GTS 260M, GTS 250M, GT 240M, GT 230M, G 210M. Here's how the specs break down:


So to recap in English, all the Nvidia notebook graphics cards that are like "GT 9600" are going to be replaced by ones that are like "GT 240" which are faster but use less power. I don't know why Nvidia went from 9000 to 200, so don't ask me. It's actually kind of a bummer they didn't make it into the new MacBook Pros, though, since they now have officially old and busted graphics chips inside. [Nvidia]