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NVIDIA announced an update to its PureVideo technology, dubbing its latest round of features for HD playback PureVideo HD. The company will use NVIDIA GeForce 7-series GPUs along with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) circuitry (that actually works) to make all that HD goodness play back smoothly. The company has also coordinated its efforts with software DVD player developers such as CyberLink, InterVideo and Nero to accelerate Blu-ray and HD DVD playback on PCs.

NVIDIA set out to solve the conundrum of playing 1080p video on a garden-variety PC, where pumping out that torrent of data is like trying to push a basketball through a garden hose. Even with this PureVideo HD acceleration, you'll still need at least a dual core processor to make it happen. NVIDIA suits told Gizmodo last night that this PureVideo HD technology will be available in cards even at the $200 level, and they expect prices on cards using the technology to be cut in half a year from now. Of course, NVIDIA's latest high-end card, its newly-released NVIDIA 7950 GX2 ($650) already includes PureVideo HD.


1080p playback? Sounds great, but now all we need is some worthy content.

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