Illustration for article titled NYC Cabbie Demands iPod as Payment, Remains at Large

A young woman's visit to the wondrous(ly dirty) world of New York City was sullied by the loss of her iPod to a cabbie, thanks to big-city intimidation.


As the 20-year-old tourist recounts, her credit card was declined due to the cab's malfunctioning machine, yet the cabdriver refused to accept her explanation and threatened to "book her" (somebody's been watching Law and Order!) if she couldn't pay. The girl, frightened and intimidated, was forced to give her iPod as payment, which of course is worth many times the cost of the fare.

The crime remains unsolved, but it brings up an interesting point: Can we use Apple products as currency once our money isn't worth the ink used to print it? Are iPods the new gold standard? []

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