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Nyko Perfect Shot Brings Namco Style Light Gun to the Wii

Illustration for article titled Nyko Perfect Shot Brings Namco Style Light Gun to the Wii

Just looking at Nyko's Perfect Shot controller shell brings back childhood memories spent playing Namco Arcade Shooters. Now a bit of that nostalgia is coming to the Wii. I think Nintendo's zapper attachment is nice, but the plain white design was a bit generic for my tastes. This, however, is a whole other story. The shape of the gun, the colors used, all have a throwback feel—and I like it. A tactile trigger controls the B button, and a pass-through port allows the nunchuck or other future add-on to be used. With light gun games starting to arrive on Wii, I may have to pick this up, just to relive some of my nerd glory days. The Perfect Shot should be available on December 24 for $12.99. [Amazon]


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Adrian Covert

@KingPsyz: I agree with you completely. I'd love for a gun attachment to have a couple of buttons and a joystick towards the back. But for now, this will suffice.