Nyko Power Pak+ Will Double Nintendo 3DS Battery at Launch

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The Nintendo 3DS isn't quite out yet but Nyko's already got two accessories that'll make sure you're juiced up for three-dee playtime right from the get-go. The Nyko Power Pak+, available March 27 for $20, is a fat rechargeable battery pack that'll give your 3DS roughly twice the juice as the regular one—and it's got debossed finger rests to accomodate your sausages.

The Nyko Charge Base, $30 and coming shortly after launch, comes with a Power Pak+ battery and allows for easy drop-in charging of the 3DS. Cause if you're really getting into this whole future-of-gaming thing you shouldn't have to bother with pesky power cables. [Nyko]

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Wait...WHAAAAT??? so to double the batter life you must almost triple the size of the unit? That is asinine. Ugh I HATE accessories like this. This thing is plain stupid in my opinion. There must be more conventional ways of getting more batter life then buying this massive thing. I refuse to carry anything 2 times the size of my device simply for more battery life.

EDIT: I despise gaming, do not have a 3DS nor ever will but this still makes my head spin..haha. Oh how sad it is that battery technology is so far behind in comparison to the devices they power.