Nyko Type Pad Pro Brings QWERTY to the Wii Completely Inconspicuously

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There are Wiimote peripherals. And then there is the Type Pad Pro.

Attaching to the Nyko Wand (the Wiimote is semi-incompatible because it lacks Nyko's proprietary Trans-Port Technology), the Type Pad Pro transforms an ordinary Nintendo controller into a testicularly spaceshippy full QWERTY keyboard. Through Trans-Port communication, the A and B buttons on the Wand are relocated to the Type Pad while the pad itself integrates with the Wii through a wireless USB dongle. (Yeah, it's a tad confusing. Basically, the pad is incapable of piggybacking its signal onto the Wand's.)

The result is a QWERTY keyboard capable of surfing the internet on the Wii. The other result is the zaniest but most ambitious Wii peripheral we've seen this side of Nyko's unreleased Party Station.


There's a mad, mad man at the helm of Nyko's design team. And we really want to go drinking with him.