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Nymphomaniac Director Lars Von Trier Is Making A Serial Killer TV Show

Illustration for article titled iNymphomaniac/i Director Lars Von Trier Is Making A Serial Killer TV Show

Danish director Lars von Trier is often referred to as “polarizing,” but if there’s one thing the man behind works like The Kingdom, Dogville, Antichrist (pictured), and Nymphomanic knows, it’s how to freak the hell out of an audience. So why not focus on a serial killer next?


In an interview with Cineuropa, von Trier gave a very tiny tidbit about the elaborated on the project, which was already known a) to be called The House That Jack Built and b) to be an eight-part, English-language TV series with an ensemble cast, starring an as-yet-unidentified international star: it’ll be “about a serial killer, as seen from the murderer’s point of view.”

Intriguing. Haunted-hospital tale The Kingdom was also an eight-part series that dipped into layers of psychological horror, and it was all kinds of awesome.


Slashfilm reports the series will hopefully begin filming in 2016.

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Nymphomaniac Director Lars Von Trier

can be interpreted in three different ways.