Oakley's Heads-Up Display Ski Goggles Get a Better Battery

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Last year Oakley wowed us with Airwave, its heads-up display ski goggles. And just as we're starting to think about ski season, Oakley's got a new version of the fancy mountain gear that has the same look and some essential internal tweaks.

For the uninitiated, Airwave track your stats like speed, height, and altitude. It has a small, one-inch display in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. It also has friend-finding features, trail maps from a bunch of different, and it comes with an wristband that lets you do things like change a song or respond to a text without having to take your gloves off.

Airwave 1.5 is improving on the existing framework of the first version of the goggles. It has 30 percent better battery life, increased processor speed for better graphics and playback, and MFI-certified Bluetooth. Additionally, there's a brand new app called Oakley Airwave Snow that you can use as a companion to your snazzy snow spectacles.


The downside of the update is it's pushing the price of Airwave 1.5 up $50 to $650. Disappointing, but anyone willing to pay for goggles as badass as these is probably willing to drop the cash. We spent some time with the first generation of Airwave last ski season and they were awesome—particularly for friend-finding features and easy access to maps. Is it ski season yet?

You can buy Airwave starting tomorrow from Oakley and Apple.

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the Pi Rho

Are they ansi rated and do they have a fan for anti fog? I would love them for airsoft.