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President Obama wants to get re-elected! No surprise there. He also needs your money! Big whoop. He's going to use Square to get those donations! Hey now, that's pretty convenient. According to Politico, campaign personnel for Obama are being issued Square credit card readers


The Obama campaign is going to be tech-forward with taking donations (which is smart!) and will give headquarters staff, field organizers and volunteers to take anybody's donation with their iPhones, Android phones or iPads. Supposedly, staff at all levels with get that little white square that sucks up your invisible cash.

According to Politico, using Square is going to be a lot easier for the campaign staff to process donations. Hours will be saved, money will be collected and technology does what technology do. Obama's adoption of Square as its de facto money grabber is the first national campaign to do so. Get your money right, Democrats. [Politico]


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