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Obey the volcano gods in grand style with the USB Tiki V3, where somehow the juju finds its way inside the almighty Tiki's eyes, making them glow and pulsate to music. Set it to fade and cycle through a variety of colors, pick your favorite color or just let it react to sounds around it—whichever one you pick, you'd better get to pleasing those volcano gods before they send your eternal soul to the depths of penn-oo-melee kiki bobo.

Though when surrounded by those who are in the right state of mind it may be able to spring to life on its own, you might want to make sure and plug it into any nearby USB port or get yourself a USB-to-AC adapter to power this thing. Before you know it, it takes on a life of its own. Obey the Tiki! It's $169.99, available now.


Product page [Retro Lounge Shop] Thanks, Toby!