Howard Meister is a fifth-generation furniture designer. His pieces have places in galleries all over the world. And in the 1980s, he was making some crazy chairs that looked like they belonged on the set of Beetlejuice.

The one on the right, for example, is called Nothing Continues to Happen, and it resembles a half-smiling map of America, pre-Manifest Destiny. It's not currently on display, but it belongs to New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. And all of them have that eye-popping, not-quite serious feel of Tim Burton's early films. They're chairs but they're also ladders, or flames, or cactuses and furniture at the same time.


Since the late 90s, Meister has worked mostly with digital images, but we're still enjoying his chairs. They might make you want to run home and rent Edward Scissorhands. [Howard Meister via AQQIndex]

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