The Observation Deck is being weird tonight, and producing errors if you try to navigate to it. However, you can still go to anything that is directly linked. So drop your links here, and we'll have an ODeck party on Space for tonight!


The Powers That Be know about the problem. I bet they already noticed it, but I filed a bug report just in case.

In the meantime, publish as normal to ODeck, then drop by here. Post your links to your ODeck posts in the Group Discussion so at least there's some chance of still seeing them! It'll be weird and imperfect, but it's better than a night in accidental geekly solitude.

UPDATE 10:08pm PDT: The bughunters have acknowledged the problem. They won't be able to fix it right away, but will get to it in a few hours if it doesn't self-resolve. (...I'm kinda scared of the idea that it could spontaneously fix itself. ODeck is sentient and self-repairing?!)

Final UPDATE: As of 7:17am EDT, the problem was resolved. Yeehaw!