Of Course AT&T's New International Messaging Plans Would Be Ass Expensive

AT&T just announced their new international SMS plans and they're ridonkulous: 200 messages for $30 and 500 messages for $50. Hah! 50 bucks! Just for sending texts! Who in the half brain hell would sign up for that?

Okay, it's a better deal than what AT&T previously offered, which was $0.50 per text (50 texts for $10) but still, for $30-$50 I can probably land myself a local pre-paid plan that could link me up with data. And when I have data, I can avoid the rip off known as text messages entirely with Google Voice or e-mails or the bazillion other options that are much cheaper and nearly as good.


Don't be fooled people, it might be really easy to sign up for this "Global Messaging" plan but so is flushing money down the toilet, and you wouldn't do that, right? One silver lining: the 200/500 messages only count the texts you send OUT not the text you receive abroad. [AT&T via Engadget]

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