Darth Vader Baby Onesie Recalled... For Choking Hazard

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Coming as a surprise to no one who’s seen the original Star Wars trilogy, yesterday the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a recall for a Darth Vader infant bodysuit that poses a potential choking hazard. Obviously.


But the risk posed to infants has nothing to do with the Force or Vader being in a bad mood. The bodysuits have a set of three snaps on the bottom that can randomly detach, creating a choking hazard for infants if they were to try and put the snaps in their mouths, like they do everything else.

The bodysuits were sold at Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and aboard the various Disney-themed cruise ships through most of 2015. Thankfully, to date there have been no actual reports of incident or injuries. And to ensure there never are, if you purchased one of these bodysuits the Consumer Product Safety Commission advises contacting Walt Disney Parks and Resorts for instructions on how to return it for a full refund.


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