Office 365 Subscribers Now Get Unlimited OneDrive Storage

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In mid-July, Microsoft announced that'd it be rolling at a 1 TB storage increase for all its Office 365 Home, Personal, and University subscribers. But the team decided continue its push for cloud supremacy by upping its storage capacity into infinity. Office 365 users now have access to unlimited storage via OneDrive for free.

OneDrive and Office 365 launched this new offer today and will roll out over the next coming months, but you can click here to get some preferential treatment. Microsoft is the first company to offer unlimited cloud service with popular alternatives such as Box, DropBox, and Google Drive hovering around the monthly $10 mark for 1 TB of storage. Office 365 Personal currently runs for $7 a month and you sign up for Home for $10.


Of course there have to be some kind of limits somewhere, but with a claim of "unlimited" they better be pretty high. Time to start pushing those boundaries. [OneDrive Blog]

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Good timing for this announcement. On a day when Google Drive cloud servers went down blocking all access to your documents.…

Sorry... I just do not trust the cloud.