Official Playboy iPhone App Doesn't Include Interesting Articles

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Would you pay $1.99 a month for an app that gets you party jokes "to make you the center of attention", excerpts from interviews, and no "fully nude content" whatsoever? That's what Playboy expects you to do.


That's exactly what the official Playboy iPhone app does. It also includes "exclusive content", like a non-nude Playmate video and free wallpapers—not exactly free, since you are paying for the app—but that's about it. Still not interested? Maybe this bit from their iTunes description page will convince you:

If you want to be dialed into what's new from the world's top entertainment and lifestyle magazine for men (and what man wouldn't?) Playboy is the app you need!

I quoted that word by word.

And as if that wasn't lame enough, here's another gem: This is a subscription app. Any assclown who actually gets this would have to pay $1.99 a month to get new content in.

Is this how the publishing industry expects to save itself? Are there any idiots that would subscribe to this thing? [iTunes Store via Krapps]



I think Playboy is shying away from nude content. There have already been a couple of non-nude pictorials (i.e. Olivia Munn, Heidi Montag). I think it's a matter of time before they're doing pictorials where the models are actually putting on clothes. The worst part is, someone will still buy it.