As you know by now, Marvel's Star Wars comic is hitting shelves next month (and is supposed to be making a pretty big landing) - and inevitably, that means oodles and oodles of variant covers. The latest variant, from Hasbro, might just be the best yet though. Look at all those toys!

The cover uses 55 figures from Hasbro's excellent Star Wars Black Series 6-inch toy line, two of which are already out (Boba Fett and the 50 Stormtroopers making up the bulk of the shot), and 4 of which are coming soon (The Emperor, Darth Vader, Bossk and IG-88, all revealed back at San Diego Comic Con). Check out the full, mahoosive cover below:


Apparently there was no extensive computer trickery involved in creating the image, with all the action figures posed together on custom-scaled Throne Room set - which if true, is a pretty impressive feat. I'm imagining a severe case of Stormtrooper dominoes occurring with one accidental knock.

But it goes to show just how cool Hasbro's Black Series is if they can be used to make wonderful shots like this. I already have 2 Stormtroopers on my desk. Surely I could somehow make room for another 48?

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