Oh Good, Commercials Are Coming to Supermarket Aisles

If there's one thing I need more of in my life, it's exposure to advertisements. I mean, I just don't see enough of them! And how can I make smart buying decisions without them?

Luckily, a company called Automated Media Services is here to help. You see, they've got plans to roll out a system called 3GTV into supermarkets all over the country. It would put little screens on shelves and in aisles, allowing brands to cram their message down your throat one last time before you make that all-important decision as to which toothpaste you'll be buying.


It's a response to the splintering of viewers that the internet and cable TV have created, leaving marketers unable to have one message beamed to the majority of consumers all at once on a major network. Now, they've gotta go right for the source.

Clearly, this is just the first step. Within a decade, every damned box of anything at the supermarket will have a video playing on it. And it will be awful. [NY Times]

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