Oh Hell Yeah, You Can Buy Weapon Shaped Pillows for Your Next Pillow Fight Now

It's been over a year since we've seen these excellent weapon shaped pillows and if you've spent that year in pillow fight detente with your bed partner, we totally understand. But no more. It's about to get on and fluffing feathery. You can buy the weapon shaped pillows now.


Originally designed by Bryan Ku, the pillow versions of double sided Viking axes, ninja stars, nunchucks and more will be available for about $40. It doesn't look like the pillow fight pack will include a light saber but you'll have plenty of other weapons in your arsenal to win any pillow fight on intimidation alone.

Send out some feelers for potential sleepovers NOW. The store seems to be out of stock of the weapon pillows but they should be back available very soon. [Doiy Design]

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