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Oh No, an App That Makes It Easy To Shoot Your Own Music Videos

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Have you ever watched a music video for a popular song and thought you could’ve done a much better job? Much to the chagrin of all your social media followers, with Triller, a new app for iOS, you can easily shoot and share your own version—no editing skills required.

The app lets you select part or all of a song, either from its library of featured tracks or your own music collection, and then shoot multiple takes that each run the entire length of the clip. You can shoot as many takes as you want, in as many places as you can imagine, and then customize each with one of 14 available filters.


When you’re satisfied with your source material, the app will then automatically edit your takes together using an algorithm that’s designed to emulate how a professional editor would cut a music video. Triller looks at the action in your footage, how much the camera itself is moving, and how many faces are detected in each shot to make its editorial decisions. It then cuts everything into tiny clips that are perfectly synced with the song you’ve chosen.


Wannabe pop stars can then share their personalized music videos via social media, so be prepared for hundred of versions of Shake It Off to start appearing in your Instagram timeline. But who knows, some of them might even be better than what Taylor Swift herself came up with.

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