OK, Running iPhone Apps on a TV Could Be Pretty Awesome

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Just yesterday, the Giz team was discussing the possibility of beaming iPhone and iPad apps to Apple TVs via AirPlay. Some of us weren't sure why you'd want to in the first place. Well, precisely this: The Incident, supersized.

Now this isn't exactly what we had in mind. What you're seeing here is a preview of The Incident 1.3, employing a new feature that lets you pair an iPhone or iPod Touch with your iPad and use the little guy as a controller for the game (which, if you don't know, is totally great).

Here, the iPad is plugged into a TV (in this case using thee Apple iPad Dock Connector to VGA Adapter), so the iPhone essentially acts as a tilt-able controller for a big screen version of the game. A very big screen version of the great. As the developers explain, "You never have to get up to touch the iPad. You do everything from the controller. It works great." It certainly looks great from here.


Of course, running the video from these apps directly into the TV and using a third device as a controller is technically a far cry from zapping the whole package to an Apple TV from a single iPad or iPhone. It's hard to say if the latter would even be possible to the extent that Apple would pursue it as a real feature. But as this preview for the new Incident update shows, there is definitely a reason to pursue it. Not all games will make this much (or any) sense liberated from the iPhone's screen. But like so many other games before them, there are definitely some iOS games, like the Incident, that will look better than ever on a big old TV. [Big Bucket Software via Daring Fireball]