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Old Daily Show Clips Mocking Camera Phones and Texting Are Hilarious

Illustration for article titled Old emDaily Show/em Clips Mocking Camera Phones and Texting Are Hilarious

When it comes to consistently incisive commentary, The Daily Show is second to none, especially where poking fun at tech is concerned. But go back about 10 years, and—er, it was still incredibly good at mocking new tech. And for many of the same reasons we do today.


Invasions of privacy? Annoying load times? Absolutely unnecessary pixel counts? Yep, all things we're still grappling with today to various degrees. Of course, some of Ed Helms' points a la 2003 we've managed to work past—texting fatigue and digital cameras even existing in the first place, specifically.


Still, it's fun to look back and see how far we've come. Or, you know, not. [@fmanjoo]


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Did every single one of those videos play automatically for anyone else? It was like I was in some sort of unintelligible Jon Stewart nightmare...