OLPC Ad Goes For the Jugular With Child Laborers, Child Prostitutes, Child Warriors

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I like this move: The OLPC team, tired of their message being co-opted by geeks worrying about what operating system to install, have raised the stakes in a new web video.

I don't think the OLPC folks are advocating doing the ol' switcheroo—XO for AK-47—to eradicate such horrors as the ones depicted on the spot. No, I think the ad does a great job in reminding us that, hey, this project was started for a serious reason. It's not OLPC's fault that they spawned an entirely new laptop category with plenty of consumer frenzy and ridiculousness behind it in the process.


The ad is, apparently, only intended only for the internet. Although I kind of wish they'd run this next to the iPod Touch and BlackBerry Storm ads in the coveted Office/30 Rock hour for tech advertisers. [OLPC Ad on Daily Motion via Laptop, Gadget Lab]