OLPC Founder Negroponte Is Getting the Hell Out of Dodge

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The One Laptop Per Child project, initially famed for its lofty goals, became known for becoming one of the more impressive shitshows in tech, in part thanks to founder Nick Negroponte's own foibles. So it's probably not a bad thing for the org—as much credit as he deserves for starting it—that he's stepping off to let someone else take over. "I am not a CEO. Management, administration, and details are my weaknesses." Probably shouldn't be at the top then, bub. [BusinessWeek via FSJ]

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I am as big an Apple Fanboy as anyone, but I disagree about MS never innovating. While widows was built under some questionable circumstances, MS earned the Office monopoly. Office 97 was a stellar Office suit. Unfortunately for MS they perfected the Office Suit in 1997. Few people actually use any of the features that have been tacked on since then.

Now Office Vista or 2008 or whatever they call it is just Bloatware. I have tried the Ribbon. It sucks. It's bloat. They broke Office just to sell more software. (See the business suits all over that. ) Even Bill Gates said Vista Sucks.

Another example is that Direct X was really good when it first came out. Now it's bloated DRM.

Also this was a well known problem at IBM too.