OLPC Laptops Get SimCity For Free

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EA's generously donated one of their biggest (and oldest) properties, SimCity, to the OLPC project to give away free with every laptop. With SimCity, the children of the world can learn to manage funds while at the same time keeping a bunch of whiny advisers at bay. If EA would donate their other property, The Sims, these kids can also practice cooking on a stove, cleaning an overflowing sink, and getting a career as a rockstar—things they can't actually do in real life because they live in a Third World country.



@jared51182: "It would be interesting to see if this project actually lead future city planners of 3rd world countries to actually build on the basis of this game."

That's what I'm afraid of. That game is based on HORRIBLE urban planning principles. It encourages suburban sprawl and is basically based on zoning laws that are choking back better urban design as it tries to take root and improve our cities.

Wish there was a game that taught New Urbanism.