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Ominous Abandoned Six Flags Is a Few Zombie Hordes Short of the Apocalypse

A video adventurer was daring enough to infiltrate this abandoned Six Flags outside New Orleans—derelict since Hurricane Katrina—and record footage. The environs are haunting, to say the least—and we watched with the expectation of some zombie cameos.


The footage is, beyond being the picture perfect backdrop for a post-apocalyptic flick, an eery reminder of the post-storm destruction that has yet to be mended. And some of it won't be—this Six Flags won't ever be salvaged, scheduled for demolition in January of next year. [Reddit]

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weird that they wouldn't re-open... I wonder if it was pre-planned that they were just going to not go back to work after the storm or if everyone got calls "hey, six flags is closed forever now. you're out of a job"