On Saturday Morning Cartoons, Emma & Cyclops get intimate on X-Men...and a 16-bit Twilight !

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Last week's episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien is continued, Generator Rex stars on a Spanish soap opera, and more this week on Saturday Morning Cartoons. Young Justice, Clone Wars, and Thundercats were repeats this week, but we've got a nice little extra to fill in your Clone Wars fix. Minor spoilers ahead.

Generator Rex – "Phantom of the Soap Opera"

Generator Rex starts with a great intro this week, with Rex acting a fool as the group goes on a Universal Studios-style tour. Rex becomes a studio page to get closer to a Spanish soap opera actress he's in love with and learns the joy of working craft services. I think this was an episode of Psych. A series of accidents are happening on the soap opera's set, but it turns out to be an EVO hiding backstage. There is some great over-the-top acting/animation in the episode, with this clip showing some of the better moments off, including Rex getting slapped by a mongoose.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien – "Solitary Alignment "

A continuation of last week's episode, Solitary Alignment starts off with Ben (as Fasttrack) taking on Sir George, but Ben is quickly defeated turned back into his human form. Ben and the team find themselves teleported to the top of an erupting volcano by the Galvan Azmuth. When the lava flows over them, Azmuth reveals that the volcano is an illusion, and transports the crew to a scene in Azmuth's life where he quarreled with his lover, Xennith, over harnessing the power of the universe. Azmuth goes against Xennith's wishes, creating a sword of primal power, and out of fear, Azmuth gives the sword to Sir George, believing him the only one worthy of wielding it. The episode ends in a battle between Ben and Sir George, a battle I won't be spoiling. This nice long clip goes into the back story of Azmuth and Xennith.

Marvel Anime: X-Men – "Betrayal"

Emma and Cyclops get intimate – intimate on a journey through the astral plane! Cyclops continues his eternal whining over Jean Grey. The session leads to some really cool flashback material, flashbacks shown in the clip. While Cyclops and Emma talk about feelings, Wolverine, Storm, and Beast take on Rat and Marsh of the Inner Circle and set off an avalanche.


Robot Chicken – "Casablankman II"

There are several great clips from this episode, but the best by far is a Twilight parody featuring a Final Fantasy/Earthbound style 16-bit video game. As you will see, the regression from film to twenty year old video game technology does not strip the series of any of its emotional depth. The
Knight Rider franchise makes a comical appearance in this episode and we learn why Kryptonians should never give CPR in the presence of a yellow sun.


Star Wars: Clone Wars – Chapters 12 & 13

Since Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a repeat this week, I thought I'd show one of my favorite clips from the Genndy Tartakovsky directed Star Wars: Clone Wars animated series. The series was broken up into 20 individual episodes of 3 minutes a piece, with the final 5 episodes coming in at 12 minutes a piece and leading directly into Revenge of the Sith. We showed some concept art from the series in yesterday's Friday Gallery, so enjoy this look at two of the best episodes of the series, featuring Mace Windu showing off his wicked Jedi skills.


Robot Chicken airs Sunday nights on Cartoon Network. Marvel Anime: X-Men airs Friday nights on G4TV. Generator Rex & Ben 10: Ultimate Alien air Friday nights on the Cartoon Network. Star Wars: Clone Wars was available on DVD, however the two-volume set is now out of print.