On Saturday Morning Cartoons, Professor X waxes romantic and Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos!

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Generator Rex and company head to Egypt, Professor X's past is picked through, a stalwart of the edutainment industry meets her death, and Gandalf makes a stellar appearance on Robot Chicken this week. Young Justice, Clone Wars, Ben 10, and Thundercats are in re-runs due to the holidays, but we've got some nice clips to fill in. Minor spoilers ahead.

Generator Rex – "Riddle of the Sphinx "

Rex and the crew head to Cairo, Egypt (with Black Knight and Providence right behind them) due to some suspicious E.V.O. reports. While exploring pyramids, Holiday finds booby traps and nanites among a set of hieroglyphics. Rex awakens accidentally awakens a mummy E.V.O., Garan-Set, who escapes the tomb by bringing other mummies back to life. This episode delves into how old nanite technology might be...and that Rex may be some part of an ancient prophecy.


Marvel Anime: X-Men – "Lost"

I will not lie – this episode is a wee bit weird. The X-Men are attacked by a giant spider in the opening moments, only to find out it is Riko, who suffers from Damon-Hall syndrome (which Beast later cures). At the same time, Professor Xavier flies the Blackbird to meet a lost love, Yui. This week's clip is a cool montage of the Professor and Yui's back story and mutual care for young mutants. Professor X continues to be unlucky in love – en route to meet his dame, the Professor is caught in a dimension rift. Poor Xavier.


Robot Chicken – "The Curious Case of the Box"

A pretty stellar episode of Robot Chicken aired this week. In our clips, Gandalf co-stars on the classic game show Password (and in a gentleman's kidney stone nightmares) while Dora the Explorer goes on a final journey, watching Diego and several friends die while climbing Mount Everest.


The Curious Case of the Box features some great shorts too, including Bruce Willis in a sequel to The Sixth Sense (which I refuse to see so I can be the guy who yells "spoilers!" for the rest of the my life), and a practical explanation for why we don't have flying cars.

Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos – "Deadly Dolphin"

This Saturday, I give you a horrible holiday gift option. Chuck Norris: Karate Kommandos is available on DVD (every episode for less than $20!), and makes for an amazing gift for the ones you hate or the person in the office you picked in the holiday (can I say Christmas?) pool. One part Chuck Norris karate infomercial, one part G.I. Joe rip-off, and one part morality play, all parts so-bad-it's-good.


Chuck rides dolphins and lets them get shot at in this clip from the first episode of the series. Remember kids - be a winner, no matter how tough things get, even if you have to fight dolphins and go to Florida.


Robot Chicken airs Sunday nights on Cartoon Network. Marvel Anime: X-Men airs Friday nights on G4TV. Generator Rex airs Friday nights on the Cartoon Network. Chuck Norris is still looking into the camera, longing for a 2010s version of Karate Kommandos.