On Saturday Morning Cartoons, the X-Men go anime and Batman gets (comedy) roasted!

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You were at a Halloween party last night. That's cool, we've got you covered. In this week's installment of Saturday Morning Cartoons, we'll take a look at new episodes of Thundercats, Clone Wars, X-Men Anime, and more!


While Thundercats and Clone Wars are back after a couple weeks off, there were no episodes of Young Justice or Generator Rex this week due to a re-airing of The Batman vs. Dracula animated movie. Minor spoilers ahead.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Darkness on Umbara"

Clone Wars returns this week with the first of a four episode, clone trooper-centric storyline that introduces the new commander of the clone troopers, Jedi Master Pong Krell. The episode kicks off with clone troopers and Anakin descending upon the Shadow People of Umbara, in one of the first time we see a Star Wars Universe ground battle fought at night. This clip shows the beginning of the battle, along with a couple of troopers encountering a very Sarlacc-like creature.

Thundercats – "Berbils"

After a six week break, Thundercats returns for the last two episodes of season one. The Berbils make their return this week. The robotic bears with fur stapled first appeared in the third episode of the 1980s series, but the 2011 incarnation has less need for staples (and looks a lot less like ewoks) while being a little more technologically savvy. It's a great episode, as the Thundercats help protect the Berbils from slavery. In this clip, Panthro freaks out on the Berbils for messing with his tank.

Batman: The Brave and the Bold – "Crisis 22,300 Miles Above Earth"

This episode of Brave and the Bold, one of the last of the series, is a classic. In the opening, the Joker, Mr. Freeze, Solomon Grundy, and Comedy Central Roast Master Jeffrey Ross "roast" Batman. You can see some of the comedy goodness in the clip. In the main portion of the episode, the Justice League International throws a mixer at the Watchtower and mingle with the Justice Society, who are just disappointed it's the Justice League International and not the real Justice League. Batman is off fighting off Ra's al Ghul, but in the meantime, Martian Manhunter bakes pies, Aquaman sings, and Guy Gardner harasses Alan Scott over being vulnerable to wood. Silly Golden/Modern Age superhero generation gaps. This episode is a standout – it's a shame the series is over soon.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien – "The Ultimate Sacrifice"

Ben battles his inner demons as the aliens inside Ben's Ultimatrix and Ben get joint psychotherapy sessions. Really. Ben later journeys inside the Ultramatrix, as the aliens attempt to destroy Ben and finally become free. This clip features the psychotherapy session, because anytime you can see animated clinical therapy, you should avail yourself of the opportunity. Treat yourself.


X-Men Anime – "Return"

This is the first episode of the re-dubbed anime series, with a story by Warren Ellis. It's a stripped down version of the team, with no sidekicks (yet) – just Cyclops, Beast, Wolverine, Storm, and Professor X. This episode (which technically aired last week) begins roughly a year after the death of Jean Grey, as Xavier summons the X-Men together for their first mission after Jean's passing. One of the best scenes from the episode is in this clip, wherein Wolverine confronts Cyclops, sending off an initial verbal salvo by calling him "emo" – it's pretty amazing.


China, IL - "Coming out of the Casket"

In the midst of department cuts, a recently dead professor (voiced by Jason Alexander from Seinfeld) returns to help the Professor Brothers show the "coolness" of History and beat the Spanish Department in enrollment, all so he can profess his love for Professor Brother Frank. Babycakes shows off his Ghostbuster skills by talking to heaven and the Professor Brothers speak with the ghost of Christopher Columbus in this clip.


China, IL airs Sunday nights on Cartoon Network and X-Men airs Friday nights on G4TV. Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Thundercats air Friday nights on the Cartoon Network. Clips courtesy of Cartoon Network, G4TV, and Comedy Central.




Just watched last night's new Thundercats. Holly hell, was that awful. This is what they come back with after an hiatus? At least Young Justice, when it came back from an even longer pause, came back strong. What happened to this show being remade to be modern and edgier? The Thundercat people decimated, Lion-O's difficult journey to become a true leader, the supposed love triangle between Lion-O, Cheetara, and Tygra? With the exception of the first three episodes, i.e. the premier one hour pilot and the Moby Dick copycat episode, this series has gone from dramatic and action oriented into borderline "kiddie" territory.

I'm sorry, they could have found another way to reintroduce the Berbils, especially given the enslavement story. I'm sorry, but, it was just insanely hard to take the story seriously with Berbil "Bill" (I shit you not) looking like the toy from Spielberg's A.I. and having a Pink Berbil Wife and Little Berbil who's name was Bibo, I think. Half the time I couldn't even understand what the Berbils were saying. I *did* very much understand when they told Panthro "Hug" and proceeded to cuddle with the guy who's supposed to be the grizzled hard ass veteran on the team. That's pretty much when I threw up my hands in disgust and stopped the DVR. Oh, and least I forget, thanks for making the Kat siblings as irritating as they were in the original series with the Candy Fruit bit that went on for all three acts.

I really hope the final episode of the season restores the more mature aspects of the first episodes because otherwise this is not a show I will be following come season two, (if it has even gotten a renewal yet) which given how amazing it's start was would really rather disappoint me.