On The Man in the High Castle's New Season, the Nazis Want to Conquer Another Universe

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Over the past two seasons, The Man in the High Castle has slowly delved into the idea of other realities, including our own (which Tagomi traveled to at the end of season one). But it looks like season three is going all-in: The multiverse is real, certain people can traverse it, and the Nazis are ready to invade.


At Amazon’s “World of Philip K. Dick” panel at New York Comic Con (which covered both The Man in the High Castle and the upcoming Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, whose excellent trailer you can see here), some of the cast and crew discussed how the upcoming season is going to dive much deeper into the alternate realities shown in the film reels, which are actually alternate universes based on the multiverse theory (the belief that a seemingly infinite number of universes exist parallel to each other, based on different events both grand and minuscule).

“We play a lot more with multiple realities, and twisting and folding realities,” Isa Dick Hackett, executive producer and Philip K. Dick’s daughter, said.

The panel showed the above clip from episode three of the upcoming season (via Deadline); it shows exactly how the multiverse theory comes into play, as Obergruppenführer John Smith (Rufus Sewell) watches Nazi doctors experiment on a woman named Fatima. They believe Fatima is a Courier, someone who can travel between the different universes on the astral plane to deliver the films.


And what’s more, the Nazis are working on a way to do it themselves. Given that they’re Nazis, and conquering other countries is basically all they do, it seems unlikely they’d come to another reality in peace.

In other panel news, Sewell shared that Smith is getting a promotion as he moves up in the Nazi Party, and newcomer Jason O’Mara talked about his character, Wyatt Price, only revealing that he’s an Irish guy who gets along “exceptionally well” with Juliana Crane (a set photo showed the two of them embracing and laughing). Executive producer Dan Percival also mentioned how the show had planned on doing a storyline in North Africa, exploring further how the Nazis conquered other countries besides the United States, but they ultimately scrapped the idea because it would’ve taken the focus away from the main characters. The Man in the High Castle is currently filming and is set to return sometime in 2018.