Margo and Eliot Have a Fairy-Sized Secret to Keep on the Next Season of The Magicians

The very last shot of last season’s The Magicians showed the fairies arriving to Fillory in force to take over the kingdom. It looked like war was on the horizon. But it turns out, it’s more like a silent coup, as our favorite stylish monarchs will have to play a clever game of “fairies totally aren’t telling us what…

DC's Next Big Flash Story Pits the First Wally West Against Barry Allen

It’s been less than a year since DC’s Rebirth pulled Wally West—the first one, that is—out of the speedforce and back into the world of DC Comics, his memory of the old DC universe in tow. Now, he’s going to be thrust into a comics fan debate of old for a new storyline: Who’s the better speedster, Wally or Barry?

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams Isn't a TV Show, It's a 'Series of 10 Movies'

Amazon is really looking to makes Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams, its upcoming scifi anthology series, more cinematic than episodic. At “The World of Philip K. Dick” panel at New York Comic Con (which covered both Electric Dreams and The Man in the High Castle), the producers emphasized how the show is far more like…

The New Once Upon a Time Is Surprisingly Good... When Its Own Legacy Isn't Holding it Back

I’ll admit, I went into the New York Comic Con premiere of Once Upon a Time’s seventh season hoping for little and expecting even less. But much to my surprise, the new story is good. It’s dynamic and interesting, with actors who are giving their all to a different twist on a familiar tale. The only problem is that…

The First Trailer for Marvel's Runaways Is All About Very Evil Parents and Their Very Upset Kids

The thing that brings Marvel’s Runaways together isn’t that they’re all kids with superpowers that make them social outcasts. Instead, each of their parents is part of a doomsday cult. If your actual family is trying to bring about the apocalypse, you’d probably cling to your friends, too.

R2-D2 Goes Evil, a Gremlin to Call Your Own, and More of the Best Toys of the Week

Welcome back to Toy Aisle, io9's regular weekly roundup of all the toys you’ll want to blow your paycheck on, instead of buying groceries, paying rent, or other more responsible purchases. This week we’ve got an Imperial entry in Sphero’s line of interactive droids, a cartoon version of Boba Fett, and a bunch of New…

Everything We Learned About Pacific Rim Uprising at New York Comic Con (Updated)

To a packed and excited room at New York Comic Con, Pacific Rim Uprising revealed a ton of details about the characters, story, and, most importantly, the giant robots that make up the sequel. “It’s fun, it’s action, I think it’s everything you want Pacific Rim to be moving forward,” said producer and star John Boyega.

On The Man in the High Castle's New Season, the Nazis Want to Conquer Another Universe 

Over the past two seasons, The Man in the High Castle has slowly delved into the idea of other realities, including our own (which Tagomi traveled to at the end of season one). But it looks like season three is going all-in: The multiverse is real, certain people can traverse it, and the Nazis are ready to invade.

How Peter Capaldi Accidentally Figured Out Doctor Who's Next Doctor Was a Woman

The act of passing on Doctor Who’s lead role is a weird one, since the actors are stuck in a limbo where they know they’re on the way out, but they don’t know who’s going to take their place yet. Peter Capaldi however managed to figure out there was a monumental change coming for his replacement... thanks to a pair of…