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On The Originals, You Can Choose Your Family... But The Choices Suck

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's a cliché to say that you get to choose your family when you're an adult, no matter how you may feel about the family you grew up with. But as The Originals has been showing in its typically soap-operatic fashion, you don't necessarily get the best options to choose among. Spoilers ahead...

In last night's Originals, Klaus decides to put his captive brothers (in their new witch bodies) to the test — and see if he can convince them to switch sides from their mom to him. If they align themselves with Klaus, they get beignets. Otherwise, torture. In the end, Kol (apparently) chooses Klaus' team, while Finn remains loyal to Mom.

One big catalyst for everybody coming over to Team Klaus is the realization that Esther has put in motion the spell to turn Camille into a vessel for Rebekah's consciousness — a prospect that does not Trill Cami. (Sorry about that, couldn't resist.) When you screw with the only human character on the entire show, and the person who makes the drinks for everyone, you've gone too far. Plus, how can Marcel have a love triangle with Cami and Rebekah if they're both in the same body?


The business of Klaus tormenting his chained-up siblings and trying to deprogram them from loving Mama Original is sort of interesting, in that it gets into which one is more their family — Klaus, who sort of protected them (and daggered them) for 1,000 years, or Esther, who made them in more ways than one. Neither one seems like a great option, and Kol's about-face is probably not super sincere.


Meanwhile, Elijah and Rebekah both seem kind of tempted by the offer to join Esther and get mortal, human bodies. In spite of Klaus' fancy speech last week, Elijah seems to be having a hard time dealing with his status as a monster, and he's abnormally violent and paranoid, wiping out a whole diner full of people for no reason when he's waiting to meet Rebekah. She, for her part, is clearly excited by the idea of getting a mortal body and being able to have a baby of her own (although maybe not once she hears about the newly introduced Family Curse thingy.)

And the other big choice this week involved Haley and the werewolves — in an unusually convoluted logic trapezoid, even by this show's standards, Haley decides that if she marries Jackson then he and everybody who attends their wedding will get Haley's control over her transformations into wolf and human forms. (Will they all become hybrids? If not, how does this work exactly?) So Haley has to decide whether to ditch Elijah, who's been freezing her out, and throw in her lot with Jackson and her werewolf pack. In the end, she picks the wolves, and makes them a whole bunch of promises that she's totally not going to regret in a week or two.


But the best "family of choice" bit doesn't involve anyone choosing between mother and brothers, or which species you want to identify with — instead, it's the ongoing Josh/Aidan awesomeness. In which Davina sweetly tricks the vampire and the werewolf into spending some time together, while she runs off to attack Klaus yet again. And Josh gets to tell Aidan that he believes in him, and that Aidan is amazing, and that Aidan can inspire people by having faith in someone else. Rock on.