One Lord of the Rings Pillow to Rule Them All

The One Ring has many powers, but considering it's a) a ring and b) made of nigh-invulnerable magical gold, it's not the easiest thing to rest your weary Hobbit-head on. This adorable version of it solves all of those problems (with none of the magic, of course)!

This 40x40x10 cm pillow is by Rbitencourt USA, who make a variety of awesome fandom-themed pillows and cushions out of Brazilian Wool. It might be much larger than the ring Bilbo and Frodo trekked around Middle-Earth wearing, but that just makes it all the easier to use as a comfy pillow - and no threat of Ringwraiths or anything! I'd say you can't come under it's thrall either, but if you love sleep as much as I do, you understand the draw of a good pillow when you're tired...


If you want a pillow-ring of your own that could sit among Celebrimbor's finest, you can buy it for $60 at over at Rbitencourt's website.

[via Nerd Approved]

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