One of Gizmodo's Apple-Hating Apple Fanboys Makes It Onto Saturday Night Live

Last night, Saturday Night Live ran a little sketch pairing off some tech pundits with Foxconn workers over complaints about the iPhone 5, and we were lucky enough to be one of the tech-whiner targets.

In an all-too apt lampoon of how first-world-problem-y whining about the iPhone 5 is, our own fictional Dennis Metcalf got to moan about the iPhone 5 being too light (which may or may not be an opinion that I actually sort of have). The sketch definitely nails how irrelevant detailed tech coverage can seem in the grand scheme of things, but that's our job, right? We point our iPhone 5 cameras at the sun and pore over the results so you don't have to! But you should really just go watch the skit yourself, and have a good laugh at us Apple-hating Apple fanboys. We did. [Hulu]


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