One Of My Favorite "Doctor-ish" Moments On Doctor Who

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Classic Doctor Who producer Barry Letts had a very unique spin on the Doctor — one informed by his Buddhism and his environmentalism. And when Letts wrote the extra-long novelization of his own story "The Daemons," he included one of my favorite moments of the Doctor being kind of magical.

Here's my favorite bit from Doctor Who and the Daemons, which always sticks in my mind. It's not in the TV show, and it happens right after one of Jon Pertwee's classic moments of being kind of a jerk to his companion Jo:

The beginning of the trip in Bessie was a little icy. Jo still felt hurt at the way the Doctor had spoken to her. 'I should put on your safety-belt, Jo,' he said, as they rattled away over the cobblestones outside the Cloven Hoof.

Jo ignored him. It wasn't as if he'd be going fast and it wasn't far. Only five miles, the Brigadier had said. Unfortunately, the Brigadier had established himself and his Mobile H.Q., on the road approaching Devil's End from the south-east, over the downs. This meant that although he was only five miles away from the village on the map — the shortest line between the two points — poor Bessie had over ten miles of twisting and turning, upping and downing, even before she got to the comparatively straight road across the downs.

Suddenly Jo realised that the Doctor was singing a jolly little song. She grinned to herself. She could never be cross with him for long. 'You sound happy,' she said. 'You must be very sure this idea of yours will work.'

The Doctor looked surprised. 'I was singing because... oh, because the sky is blue, I suppose.'

'But the Daemon... and the end of the world and all?'

'Oh, yes, of course, the end of the world. But that's not now. That would be tomorrow — or this evening — or in five minutes' time. And right now, the sky is blue. Just look at it!'

Jo looked... and looked again. It certainly was blue! A deep, almost cobalt blue overhead fading to a pale greeny duck-egg blue near the horizon. She stared round, drinking in the blueness, becoming the blueness — and suddenly found that she was singing too!

'See what I mean,' smiled the Doctor.

"A pale greeny duck-egg blue." Marvelous. This is the Doctor's main superpower: he can make you see through his eyes.

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Hopefully this theme won't be washed away in Moffat's next episode — "Don't Marvel. Whatever you do, don't marvel, don't admire, don't have any sense of wonder!"