There are already portable hi-speed cameras from the likes of Casio that can have you shooting 1000FPS at low res, as well as giant pro cameras that go full HD at ridiculous faster-than-a-speeding bullet rigs. But not many that can get you 20,000FPS like the TS3Cine Compact Hi-Speed camera in a relatively portable frame. You're also going to get a monstrous 7-inch LCD screen.

At its maximum resolution of 1280x1024 you can get 500FPS and 720FPS at 720P if you don't want to sacrifice resolution for the 20 KFPS. You're only going to get 3 hours of life from its rechargeable battery pack though, which may be less if you're not careful with its LCD screen. It'll be available in the summer for heart-breaking $30,000 for the 128 GB SSD version, and 32,000 for the 256 GB—though you can also save to SD cards if you don't want to save 2 grand. [TS3Cine via OhGizmo]


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